This is a listing of year mottos, which are displayed on a bar on the upper left sleeve. Before the class of Sci' 99, the EngSoc motto was worn in this location.

Year Motto Translation
'91-'92 Sesquicentennial Commemorating 150th Year of the University
'93 Centennial 100 Years of Applied Science at Queen's
'99 Humaniores Quam Humani

Humaniores Quam Humni (typo)

More Human Than Human

More Human Than Dirt (typo)

'00 Si Id Ungues Veniemus If You Grease It, We Will Come
'01 Excribo Ergo Sum I Blast, Therefore I Am
'02 Vobiscum Sabulum Sit May The Quartz Be With You
'03 Pauci Insignes Purpurati The Few, The Proud, The Purple
'04 Veni Ascendi Vici We Came, We Sport Humped, We Conquered
'05 Icio Ergo Sum I Slam, Therefore I Am
'06 Invenite Aut Facite Find A Way, Or Make One
'07 Pellibus Uniti Pulastis United We Slam
'08 Purpureos Fortuna Adiuvat Fortune Favours The Purple
'09 Ostro Non Densius Gentian Is Thicker Than Water
'10 Liber Quod Purpurpeus Live Free Or Dye Purple
'11 Fortibus Sanguis Purpureus The Strong Bleed Gentian
'12 Durior Citior Purpureus Harder, Better, Faster, Purple
'13 Noctu Laedemus In Inferno Tonight We Slam In Hell
'14 Solum Haec Arma Gero I Need Only This Armour
'15 Nos Impossibilia Perficimus Impossible is What We Do
'16 Gentiana Evanescit, Legantia Permanet Gentian Fades, Legacy Remains
'17 Honor Super Famam, Ferrum Super Aurum Honour Over Glory, Iron Over Gold
'18 Tunsi In Igne, Alligati Ferro Forged in Fire, Bound by Iron
'19 Ferro ducimus, purpureum sanguinem fundimus By iron we lead, in gentian we bleed
'20 Animo ferreo aureoque corde With wills of iron and hearts of gold
'21 Futura Ferrea Fabricanda The Future, like Iron, is Ours to Forge
'22 Nitentes Ad Ferrum Purpurati In Purple We Thrive, For Iron We Strive
'23 Vincentes Pestem, Ferro Vigentes Plague we survive, for iron we thrive
Arts '25+ Ineptum, tam plane inepta Silly, So Very Very Silly
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