These variations of XXX have some modifications to the to the basic 3 rules:

  1. Have sex while wearing a GPA
  2. Have sex while purpled using gentian violet
  3. Have sex in an engineering building


In addition to the above,

4. Have sex with your TA or prof as the other participant

XXX SoloEdit

Same as XXX however it is done by yourself. You get the picture...

Grand SlamEdit

The nickname given for completing all three requirements at once.

eXXXternal RelationsEdit

For completing all the requirements of XXX in the engineering building of another university.

ArtSci XXXEdit

There is also the ArtSci version of this bar, which involves having sex in three different campus buildings. Only buildings where classes are held may be considered for this bar (i.e. residences and the JDUC do not count). These acts also do not have to be completed in one night.

History Edit

XXX in its main form first came to be around the early to mid 90's (around the same time as Bars came to be). But different to all other shenanigan bars at the time, XXX was not originally added to the GPA as a bar. Rather one would take a blade and inscribe the leather (not tear) with one X for each task completed. This would generally be done in one of two places; either under the collar (which is the main placement to this day) or for those who were wanted to show the world their accomplishments, onto the sleeves of the GPA.