This section is for bar activities that are not officially condoned by the university. You do these at your own risk.

They are sometimes sewn onto the left sleeve of a GPA, below the year number. Once that space has been filled, it is a personal choice as to where to sew the bars.

NOTE: Have a new bar idea? Put it in Experimental Bars and let a discussion happen before writing them here.


Q:Is it ok to yak while doing a bar?

A: Unless specifically stated, it is fair to assume that someone may NOT puke while attempting a bar. However, bars may be interpreted at the discretion of the attempt-ie so long as reasonable judgment is used.

Q:I Saw a bar on an upper year Jacket but can't seem to find it, where can I find out what it is?

A: Some bars have been retired over the years for various reasons; from them becoming uncompletable, to the student body having decided they were no longer considered acceptable to other more specific reasons and or lack or interest. Those can generally be found in Retired. Feel free to message an admin such as TheBarMan or BarMaster to find out more and ask any questions and /or about bars that you're seen that aren't listed on the wiki.

Q:I want to put a bar on my Jacket but don't want it to be too obvious that I have Shenanigans on my GPA; What do I do?

A: What some students have taken to doing is to place their bars on the fun fur. This way when attending school functions or when in an environment that would be "inappropriate" to show off bars of a certain nature, they can be easily removed. An example is shown here
Fun Fur Bar Placement

Fun Fur


21 Gun Salute

21st Century

21st Century Wizard

40 Beers

Advance To Goodes

Beer Belt

Beerio Kart

Beerlin Wall

Century Club

Clark Decagon

Drink to the Future



Frost Week

Heineken Hammer

Hero of Canton

Home For A Rest



Iron Curtain

Iron Throne

Last Man Standing


Naked Knights

No Hablo

Party Star



Rocky Road

Slam It Home

Smashed Bros

Smooth Criminal

Tap Master

Tir Na Nog


White Wizard