Similar to Fellowship and Drink to the Future. Watch the 3 original Indiana Jones movies (Raiders of the Lost Arc, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade). The order doesn't really matter but if you want to do it chronologically (in the story, not release dates) it should go Temple, Raiders, and then Crusade.

Take 1 Drink WhenEdit

  • Someone says "Dr. Jones" "Jones" or "Indy"
  • Indiana does something cool with his whip (Swinging, grabbing someones gun...)
  • Indiana punches someone in the face
  • Indiana says he hates snakes
  • Indiana gets slapped
  • Indy has a hot make out sesh with the girl of that movie
  • Indy says "This belongs in a museum"
  • Something supernatural happens

Take 2 Drinks WhenEdit

  • Indiana gets his hat back after nearly losing it

Finish Your Drink WhenEdit

  • Whenever the theme music plays