It's a Trap! is a drinking bar referencing Star Wars. It involves watching all 3 movies of the original trilogy (Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). Much like Drink to the Future and Fellowship, it comprises of drinking on an individual character basis as well as consuming as a group.

Group DrinksEdit

Everyone participating must take a drink of their chosen beverage each time 'Jedi', 'Force' and 'I've got a bad feeling about this' are said aloud. In addition everyone shall drink whenever a Lightsaber is activated, whenever C-3PO nags, and whenever Luke acts like a whiny B*#@h.

Everyone shall also shotgun as a group once each movie.

Episode IV: for when the Death Star is destroyed Episode V: for "I am your father" Episode VI: for "It's a Trap!"

Character DrinksEdit

Each character shall shotgun once every movie in addition to the group shotgun.

Darth VaderEdit

  • First force choke
  • "Pray I do not alter them further"
  • Throwing Emperor down the reactor shaft


  • Belt Swing
  • Making out with Leia
  • Kills the Rancor


  • Shooting Greedo
  • Frozen in Carbonite
  • Fondles Leia


  • "A little short for a Stormtropper"
  • "I love you" with Han responding "I know"
  • Slave Leia

The DroidsEdit

  • "Shut them all down!"
  • R2-D2 being shot out of swamp
  • C-3PO acting as a distraction with the Ewoks