This bar is based on HBO's emmy-winning show A Game of Thrones. Recommended group size is 7-10 people.

Starting from Season 1 Episode 1 and ending at episode 9 "Baelor" (at Ned Starks exit)---

Drink When:


-"There is no middle ground"

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-"Fire and blood [and vomit]"

Someone says "Winter is Coming"

A woman is naked

Jon is called a bastard - OR - Catelyn looks at him disdainfully

Daenerys says "Khaleesi"

Every time a Targaryan says "Dragon"

Someone says "Valyrian Steel"

People have sex (2 drinks if it's incest!)

Someone slaps Joffery

Someone is injured

Tyrion Drinks

Tyrion says something sexual

Swords are drawn

Someone says "A lannister pays his debts"

2 drinks if ANY king or claimant to the iron throne dies.

Finish your drink:

If someone is beheaded

Whenever tyrion beds a wench.

At end of episode accumulate all empties and cups used (use a new red cup per drink) and make a chair out of the cans, cups and bottles to pay the iron price for your groups iron throne.

You can use any mixed drink, not just beer as long as you use a new red cup per drink, though your chair should have lots of cans for a base.

Throwing up IS allowed as long as said person gets back in the game.

you win or you die

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