Fellowship is a dumb drinking bar designed for artsci students. The premise of the bar is to download all three of the Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions, and watch them consecutively (it takes approx. 12+ hours) and drinking every time anyone says the word "ring", "frodo" and every time there is a panoramic shot. Some versions also include smoking up any time any character lights up their pipe or cigarettes and drinking every time "your" character drinks and or does something sweet (ie. Gandalf's scene with the Balrog). All of these requirements have their own discretions.


This can be interpreted as someone saying the word ring, referring to the One Ring, or any ring at all.


This also has other interpretations; it can be every time someone says "Mr. Frodo", or everytime someone says "Frodo".

Mordor Edit

Every time a character says the word "Mordor"

Panoramic ShotEdit

This is whenever the camera has a horizontal sweeping shot of some landscape or battlescene, defined by the camera panning.


If someone misses their drink and doesn't make it up, or if someone throws up during the process, they are disqualified. Again this is subject to interpretation so if you still feel like you should get a bar even though you threw up (just surviving is something), it's not the end of the world.