Similar to Fellowship and Drink to the Future, this bar involves all three movies in the Matrix trilogy in order. Take one drink whenever the following are said: “Matrix,” “Neo,” “One.” Feel free to throw in “Mr. Anderson” too if you’re feeling adventurous. In addition, everyone should pick a character and take one shot/big drink per movie when the following occur (open to interpretation of course, as long as one shot is done per movie is doesn’t really matter which scenes you pick).


Neo: 1) Realizes that he’s The One; stops bullets and beats Agent Smith with one arm. 2) Bangs Trinity. 3) "Because I choose to"

Trinity: 1) “Dodge this” 2) Fighting Agents jump through window (not Neo’s dream) 3) Coat check fight.

Morpheus: 1) Breaks free from chains, jumps to helicopter. 2) Fight with Agent on truck. 3) “He fights for us”

Agent Smith: 1) Fight with Neo in the subway. 2) “The best thing about being me .... there's so many me's!” 3) Absorbs Oracle, laughs.

Supporting: 1) Tank comes back from the “dead” kills Cypher. 2) Seraph fights Neo. 3) Captain Mifune's final stand and death scene (“Neither did I”)


Everyone should take one shot per movie at the following “awesome parts.”

Matrix: Neo and Trinity fight in the lobby, general ass-kickery ensues.

Reloaded: Neo vs. Infinite Smiths, general ass-kickery ensues.

Revolutions: Neo vs. Agent Smith final battle, general ass-kickery ensues (this is a really long fight, so pick whichever moment you want to actually do it.)